Dinner Plans

Image Source: Fred Herzog

She never showed. Said she’d meet me at the White Lunch Cafeteria at 5:30, Arlene said, and she never showed. So I spent an hour and a half huddled under the marquee of the Capitol waiting for nothing in the pouring rain. And now I’m back in my room at the Empire working on a fifth of Crown.

Should’ve known…should’ve known. Girl like her would never give a guy like me a break. Don’t know what I was even thinking asking her out. I was so scared, thinking she might say no. I almost wish she had said no. At least that way I wouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.

Like said before, I just don’t understand this world, and I don’t get along so well with so many other people. I try, but I just seem to screw the deal every time. I think it’s easier to keep to myself. Keep the circle small, don’t let anyone in. Much less maintenance that way. Less hurt.

Cold night. Cold and wet. It’s nice to look out at it, now that I don’t have to worry about being stood up anymore. Now that I know it’s just me, in service of the Crown tonight. Now that I know that I’m alone again.

Maybe this is how it’s supposed to be. Maybe I’ll never see anyone else again…



  1. Sad. I like this character though. Poor guy.

  2. I love how you used the weather to convey the tone of the narrative. Subtle, yet effective!

  3. Gah. can easily be switched to a woman protagonist.
    Love the atmosphere as well as the image you’ve posted.
    Oh loneliness, life in the city and the single life….Brian you have captured this.

  4. craigontoast said:

    Great piece, it’s got a very Holden Caulfield feel about it.

    • I love this comment from Craigontoast. I really do. It made me feel so goddamn happy and all, I forgot how goddamn miserable I was.

      • craigontoast said:

        glad to brighten your goddamn day 🙂

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