1. The traps and the demands – difficult to avoid those snares…

  2. Deliberately Delicious said:

    An emotional experience so many of us here can relate to, I’m sure. I love the image in the first staza, that slow spiral downward.

    • Yeah, this is kind of my ode to the working class, of which I definitely belong. Solidarity.

  3. A person once asked me, “How can you hand out cool glasses of water to others if your personal well is dry.”
    I found that I had to be kinder to myself as the Lord does not create junk and I was therefore not junk.

    Later in life, I suffered from clinical depression for nearly 10 years due to the location of a brain tumor. I have an encouragement blog you might want to visit.

    • Thanks for the thought: hope you’re okay. I’m actually fine – years of couch time. This is just kind of a snapshot.

    • Aww, you’re sweet for checking in, Ginger, thanks so much. Yeah, I’m fine: just a bit, well, depleted. Day job, commute, etc. It’ll pass, I’m sure.

      • Good. Keep them posts a comin’!

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