The Summer People

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Now that they have gone
the roads and sidewalks open up
while the ice cream stands close
for the season

Empty and forlorn
summer towns without the summer people
shuttered and ready for
the coming winter



  1. the howler and me said:

    Yes, the summer people *may* be gone, but it is now leaf peeper time…. or has that passed where you are?

    • Just beginning! Can’t wait to get back home and see it for myself.

      • the howler and me said:

        ~sigh~ I would love to get back up there myself… but it ain’t in the cards right now.

  2. unfetteredbs said:

    I love when the summer people leave.. time to quiet down and return to the peaceful hum of the townies

  3. What a beautiful way to describe the closing up of a summer town.

  4. liverloverlass said:

    Summer will come again – people, though, may not.

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