Well Seasoned

Leaves and from whence they came

Winter firewood
seasoned and ready
after a long
hot summer
warms an autumn
invigorates a New England
and soothes a New England



  1. Nothing makes the house smell better or feel more cosy than a nice fire. Wonderful.

    • Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh

  2. My wife and I both are dying to see New England in the fall. It looks so amazing. Autumn in CA is just a slightly browner spring.

    • C’mon out!

      • Of the closet?

      • That’s up to you, pal.

      • Grr. I hate making decisions.

  3. unfetteredbs said:

    this is the best time to be a N. Englander.. great poem Brian.The trees are starting to be really amazing

    • Can’t wait to get home and see it!

  4. Just beginning my squirrel-like hoarding of firewood in preparation for winter. Nice images, Brian. I will keep them in mind as I’m stacking my supply and wondering, as I do each year around this time, why I didn’t invest in forced-air heating. Stay warm!

    • Central heat is for Melvins! Enjoy.

  5. Glad I found your blog. Loved the poetry. I and my husband have just returned from NH (after 3 days)…the colors at Kancamagus left us spellbound. I can feel every word of your poetry.


    • Thank you so much! Love: the Kancamangus; so glad you got to go. Thanks for bisiting here also! Great to see you.

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