The space between
the words you said
and the words you
left behind
is a gaping chasm
an abyss from which
you can’t



  1. the howler and me said:

    Wow!!! love this!

    • Thankyaahh!

  2. Absolutely LOVE this…so relevant.

    • awww, thanks, Life…!

  3. a gripping life said:

    This is perfect. I’ve ended relationships for this very reason.

    • Not ours, I hope! 😉

  4. a gripping life said:

    haha! I feel like we have a friendship bridge to cross our chasm. (That’s possibly the worst line I’ve ever written, and in fact, may have actually caused some structural damage to our bridge.) LOL!

    • Compared to some of the slop I’ve written (on this page, even!), that’s friggin’ poetry. *grin*

      • unfetteredbs said:

        no SLOP ever.. fantastic stuff

      • You’re too kind, friend, thanks.

  5. free penny press said:

    love the way this reads Bryan.. the word “back” is sharp and hits the reader like a slamming door.
    Well done!!

    • Why thankya, deah! (Love the hair, BTW!)

  6. Ah…the memories of all those chasministic conversations, and words left behind…
    You nailed it, BW.

    • Great times, right? Siiigggghhhh….

      • Oh yeah….she said, smiling…with a snort!

      • I try to provide. *grin*

  7. Love this.

    • Why thank you, ma’am!

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