1. the howler and me said:

    oh how true!!!

  2. free penny press said:


    • It’s brilliantly autumnal today, so I’ve comfortably moved on from summer. Seeya next year…

      • As you say, I’m enjoying this autumnal weather today. I’m on my way out to run in it now.

      • aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. liverloverlass said:

    I find those last two lines kind of jarring – unless you meant them to be ironic, in which case I find them ironic.

    • You are correct! I definitely wanted a bit of jarring in there to emphasize the feel of summer suddenly ending, like it is today in New England.

  4. Feeling that end of summer melancholy (only to be remedied with new lunch boxes and erasers. Agreed). Vivid word pictures. Thank you for sharing.

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