Patterns Emerge

My OCD and ADD often result in beauty.

Mowing the lawn at the farm is a ritual and an exercise in design and geometry. Even when I was eleven and twelve I took great pride in making the place look like a country club, and this came from following exact patterns. And if my mind was on the task, I had plenty of time to go on mental jags, and I remember many of them.

The job begins with the triangle formed by the tool shed, the driveway and the barn. I follow the edge of the rock driveway to the end of the barn, then turn around and follow the barn back to the wooden gate opening to the sheep pasture. From there it’s a left and ten feet back to the tool shed, and repeat the pattern inside the first pass until I’ve come to the middle and this section is done.

Next I start where I ended off at the corner of the barn, and go on the great lawn until just past the big rock that serves as our pitchers mound. Left about thirty feet to the edge of the hayfield, left to the fence, left to the driveway. Once this is done I get the rest of the great lawn to the road in the same way. Then the little bits in front of the hen house, the shed and the front of the house.

The side of the house is tricky, because a steep drainage ditch leads to the road. But then it’s the back yard, which is square and long, like a football field (this is, of course, where we play football). My parents currently have a fruitful pocket garden along the right side, but back then it was a thick tangle of bamboo and blackberry bushes. I still sometimes expect to get pricked on the thorns as I pass along to the large tree at the edge of the pasture. I mow circles around the tree, continuing the pattern until I have a nice wave cutting into the middle of the lawn. And then I’m done until next week.

As I’m mowing, the detritus of my zeitgeist flashes across my mind. I remember a time in the summer of 1987 when the image of a Cubs-era Dennis Eckersley Topps card stays in my head as I’m doing the driveway/barn/tool shed triangle. Summer of 1986 I read the current Red Sox yearbook in my head on the great lawn. (Roger Clemens’ favorite song is Dire Straits “Walk of Life.” He’s cruising to a 24-4 season and the phrase “Performance Enhancing Drugs” is nowhere to be found in our worlds.) As I get the little strips in front of the house I am entertained with jingles in the summer of 1989: Lowery’s Lawn & Patio (“Lowery’s for the good life…come and see what life can be”) and Funtown USA amusement park. During 1986, 1987 and 1988, I happily reminisce on recent trips to the Maine State Museum in Augusta or the lighthouse at Pemaquid Point with my mom, brother and grandmother, and I crave chocolate chip ice cream and Cherry 7Up, though not necessarily at the same time.

I now know that it’s good to vary the pattern of your mow, in order to allow the roots of the lawn to grow, but my OCD won’t let me go it. I could mow in a different pattern, but it would bother me greatly after the fact, and I would ruminate on the difference. These early glimpses into my hyper-ordered mind thoroughly amuse me now: once a neurotic, always a neurotic. But I greatly enjoy knowing exactly what was going through my head at specific points of my life well over twenty years ago, and I love that thanks to my need for pattern and repetition, the farm always looked like a country club. And whenever I mow today, it still does.



  1. metan said:

    Ha! I like mowing but it REALLY bothers me that our randomly shaped patches of grass do not lend themselves to any kind of method. To fix this I just leave it to the Man, or do it when I am in a hurry and don’t have the chance to be annoyed by it 🙂

    • I’ve always said I hate the process but love the results. And the process must be even better when you only have random patches!

      • metan said:

        Washing line, trees, wiggly garden beds, gravel edged car parks, curvy steps, steep edges…. AAARRRGGGHHH! 😀

      • Take pride in your short passes, entertain yourself with an advert and alles gut. *grin*

  2. There is a method to the madness, no doubt followed by a big nap.

    • Or a Cherry 7Up (if it’s 1987)…

  3. a gripping life said:

    I actually love mowing the lawn for some of the same reasons you mentioned. I’m a patterns and shapes kind of girl, myself. I even like vacuuming as long as I can get the lines going. haha!
    Chocolate chip ice cream, Cherry 7-Up and Dire Straits — I’m feeling it.

    • Order = Calm Brain. Calm Brain = Happy Westbye.

  4. Yes it does! – I’d first clicked to check out which country club this was.

    • Hah! Club Westbye!

  5. unfetteredbs said:

    I love a neat lawn.. be still my heart Brian 🙂

    • Diseased minds think alike!

      • unfetteredbs said:


  6. Do you want to come round and cut my grass Brian?

    • I will, of course, require all travel expenses…

  7. I love mowing, but I hate my lawn.

    • Now there’s a 180 for ya! *grin*

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