Along the Ridge


at the edge of the woods
the old stone wall
mossy and cold
sturdy as any
New England storm

We walked and sat
upon the stones
when we were young

Life ahead, so much life!

at the edge of the woods
the old stone wall
colder than any
New England storm

I walk and sit
upon the stones

Not much life ahead, not much life

not with you




  1. a gripping life said:

    I love this. Those old stone walls make me feel so grounded and remind me of home.

    • Welcome to my New England stock. *grin*

  2. Too damn real! Nice one!

    • Awesome, thanks!

  3. Madame Weebles said:

    What a lovely yet depressing way to pee in my Corn Flakes this morning.

    • Sounds like you need a urinal cake…

    • Pee in your corn flakes…interesting.

      • It’s all Brian’s fault. He did it. He would have peed on my parade if there had been a parade.

      • Exactly why there are no parades in my world.

      • People always taking a whiz on them?

      • I need to hear about this.

      • Alas, no more to tell, really. I was having a decent morning, then I read his very lovely but very sad poem post, and then I was bummed.

  4. Very nice poem Brian.

    • What? Sorry: couldn’t hear you. I was pissing my Rice Krispies.

      • Whatever is going on, I am so sorry I have missed this. Okay, what is the story?

  5. Hah! No story, for sure. Weebs had a rather intriguing reaction to this post and I played off of it. And now we’re all confused and probably a little repulsed (and maybe a little curious).

    • I couldn’t be repulsed by anything that Madame says, and if you want, I could probably make up a story about it…

      Maybe that should be your next post topic Brian.

  6. Well, I don’t know what all the fuss is about. This poem didn’t make me think about urine or breakfast cereal at all. My dinner tasted a little funny though. Was that your poem? I liked it, but like everyone else…I want the STORY!

  7. Brilliant – but sad (at least i didn’t pee in my cornflakes though!)

    • And for that we’re all grateful…

  8. unfetteredbs said:

    lovely and sad Brian.Although, I find comfort in the old New England stone walls. Something about their presence– standing the test of time and the history they represent.

    • Those walls are timeless, right? Yankee craftsmanship.

      • unfetteredbs said:

        good New England stock… it is in our blood

  9. This really speaks to me, considering I live in New England and my house is surrounded by those rocky walls. My father and I even built one together and it hasn’t budged for 10 years and I walk along one in Lynn woods all the time. It seems like my life is filled with rocky walls.

    • You can’t escape those walls up here, nor would I want to. *grin*

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