Other Side

Image Source: Elaine Mayes

I have spent my life driven to find out what else is out there. What am I looking for? What do I think I’ll find if I ever get to that mythical “somewhere else”?

I’m always looking for the other side. Other side of those mountains, other side of the river, other side of the tracks. What makes life so much better over there? Who knows and who cares?

Still, I’m driven on to find out. You can’t go if you don’t know, and you can’t know if you don’t go. The Great American Unknown is out there somewhere.

Hit the gas and hit the road. Spin the wheel and spin up some dust, see what’s out there. Maybe it’ll be better.

Maybe I’ll find a memory. Something to recontextualize my life and give it fresh perspective. Another highway, another sunset. 2 AM mist and haze pouring in through the car windows. Beach instead of snowstorm. Toes in the ocean, toes in the lake. Rocky Mountain high, Death Valley low. Embarcadero skies, plains of the Badlands. A slice on the Coney boardwalk, or fresh San Diego tortillas. Chicago dogs, St. Louis ribs. America, American, Americana. I want it all.

I want something else. Somewhere else. And I want to take it all home…



  1. Nice. But I’m thinking ‘where ever you go you take yourself.’ Nice story.

    • Right, innit? Glad to take y’all along with me. 😉

  2. John S said:

    Good luck on your journey. Keep believing.

    • Always, thanks!

  3. A gripping life said:

    Sometimes I just stare at a map and imagine myself living in different areas. It’s fun to create different scenarios. I get that wanderlust feeling all the time. So many possibilities, so little time…

    • Me too, totally. Some day, right?

  4. unfetteredbs said:

    does one ever stop looking or wondering? Is there such a time? 2am mist.. nice image here sir. I love your writing. Very reflective and comforting

    • I ain’t stopping ’till I hit ’em all! 😉

      Thanks so much as always for your amazing thoughts.

  5. I have always been driven myself, but I always also keep my roots buried deep. Odd isn’t it? Dance across continents, mountains high and valleys wide, but always leave the bread crumbs to find my way back home again.

    • Nothing wrong with deep roots. *grin*

  6. short and sweet though deep and thoughtful.. a dream of every person who every they are , to hit the road and explore. Love to be able to pack and travel .. one day

    • We’ll make it!

  7. Really enjoyed this Brian…. this piece reflect my own thoughts as well. So many time I’ve just wanted to keep driving to see where it takes me. Luckily I’ve been to virtually all of the places you’ve mentioned -and keep the memories close. There’s so much more to see, and so many new memories to add.

    • awwwww…Rachael Black Awesomeness!

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