Flaming heart
Screaming brain
Bleeding fingers
Gushing pen
the Blank Page



  1. unfetteredbs said:

    LOVE LOVE this Brian! Reading it again

    • Double LOVE?!? Happy Happy Dance!!

      • unfetteredbs said:

        yep.. smile happy Friday

  2. A gripping life said:

    Wow! Love this.

    • Thankya, Grips!

    • Hello, newlywedded friend!!!

  3. Perfect

    • Thanks, Hobbs!

  4. Hi, congratulaions I’ve just nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger award here http://www.bit.ly/Award14 enjoy!

    • Thanks! I’m actually not participating in peer awards (takes too much time away from writing!), but I’m flattered.

  5. Very good! I love your choice of words… absolutely excellent.

    • *bowing humbly*

  6. This is good. I like the words you chose, so much pain and agony for the battle.

    • Thankyah!

  7. Lovely poem! It’s brilliant, oh and congratulations on your Inspiring Blogger nomination from lightningpen. Best of luck!

    • Thanks, Ariel! Glad you stopped by.

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