St. Augustine, FL
10:24 PM

The first line arrives
then the next, at a 45 degree angle
then another, 180 degrees from the last

Layers of surf, like brick and mortar
broken down by its own crushing weight

The third and second lines retreat
the sand under my feet collapses
no purchase in the shifting silt

Lines of breakers
crashing, diminishing
reaching a logical conclusion and

Timeless, perpetual lines
always advancing and
always there



  1. A gripping life said:

    Love this. Perfect.

  2. D’oh! I meant to schedule this for tomorrow! Oh well: better whip up a little something for tomorrow, I guess…

  3. Sometimes, our mistakes are meant to be! I like your approach describing the incoming/outgoing waves. It’s been awhile since I’ve been down to St. Augustine.

    • First time in St. Aug in twenty five years for me, since I left Jacksonville when I was 14. Great to be back.

      Great to have you here, Shelley, thanks.

  4. unfetteredbs said:

    this is awesome.. love it all photo and written image.

    • Aww, thanks so much! I feel kind of weird: I took the photo at Mission Beach in San Diego, which is not St. Augustine! But none of my St. Aug pics had those lines of surf. Guess I’m good at shifting the goalposts around.

      Great to have you here, thanks!

      • unfetteredbs said:

        your words compliment the photo and that is all that matters 🙂

  5. This is such a lovely poem, and so well described with the ebb and flow of the waves. Love St. Augustine! Thanks for your poetic words.

    • Thank you so much for commenting! Great having you here. Yeah, it was great being back in St. Augustine: much better than I could’ve imagined. Hope you can get back soon yourself.

  6. We both chose similar themes this week, Brian. Great work.

  7. Wonderful poem, Brian. I’ve never thought about the angles of the surf and you expressed it in such great realistic and symbolic terms – quite a gift!

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