Image Source: Lisa M. Robinson

I came here often after I kilt her. Maybe I was hopin’ the snow would purify my mind, or cleanse the blood. I don’t know that it did, but it sure was a pretty place to sit ’n think.

I don’t know why she done it to me. I always treated her decent, gave her money ’n took care of everything. An’ she done gone steppin’ out on me. Sure, maybe I deserved it, always drankin’ and steppin’ out myself. But I never laid a hand on her or nothin’. Besides, a woman is suppose’ to stand by her man, right?

This is a hard land, with hard people. Nothin’ but snow and nothin’ for miles around. Barren lands and barren minds. Takes a certain kind to be able to stand up to it. And maybe she want that kind.
But settin’ here, lookin’ at all that snow, it sure makes a man think. Ain’t nothin’ but pure, unbroken white. Undisturbed, like a man should be. One set of tracks in that snow, and the whole landscape is out of balance. Kind of like our relationship. She brought that other set of footprints in, and everything done went haywire.

Sure, I shouldn’t’a done it. But a man don’t like havin’ his balance thrown off.



  1. Creepy Brian. I love flash fiction and I enjoyed this very much 🙂 Good job…

    • Glad to hear, thanks!

  2. Cheating and murder. Good job getting in touch with your evil side. Is this one based on personal experience too?

    • I’ll have no further comment…

      • Lol

  3. Inga said:

    Great story with an interesting and scary mood. Love that last sentence.

    • Inga! Great to see you, and thanks so much!

  4. Love this. I like the accent, too. It makes it that much more real. Nice work.
    BTW, I might have mentioned you in my post today…

    • Great work, ma’am.

  5. free penny press said:

    You brought the hammer down on this one Brian.. well done!!

    • I think someone else may have brought a hammer down as well! ;P

      • free penny press said:


  6. I hope he freezes to death at the table. He’ll make a meal for the ice worms.

    • HAH!

  7. This was disturbing. My kind of story. 😉

    • Awwwwww *blush*

      • You’re cute when you blush 😉

  8. Whoa!!!

  9. This is amazing. As the Hobbler said, great job getting in touch with your evil side. I’m not sure how cautious I should be around you now…

  10. I agree with him. A woman really ought to stand by her man no matter what. And kneel at his boots.


    Great piece. Really enjoyable and amazing with the image!

    • Yer gettin’ out a line there, woman!

      • I am laughing.

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