Image Source: The Missourian

I feel the pull tonight
Tides to shores, astral plains to mortal coil
Obtuse and obdurate
the Perigree spreads unease
it is intrusive, all-seeing and all-knowing

The night carries a luminance
the beams wash across the floor
in shimmering patchwork
I sleep, fitfully, restlessly
knowing that the moon
has my number



  1. Great read over tea on a rainy Colorado morning. Days like this don’t often come along in Denver, so I’ll be writing for the duration. What about you?

  2. Great poem and image, Brian! Reminds me of Li Po’s poem, “Drinking Alone (With The Moon)”.

  3. I think you should stop trying your hand at poetry before you embarrass yourself further : )

  4. prosentine said:

    First thing I read this morning. It did not disappoint. πŸ™‚ Beautiful.

  5. Great rhythm in this one.
    Glad to see more poetry coming out of you…

  6. Evocative poem, Brian, and I love the ending: “I sleep, fitfully, restlessly
    knowing that the moon has my number” It is such a great line, could even be the hook for a song

    • *blush* Thank you so much! Glad this one resonated with you all.

      • Gasping! I can barely wait for the time and the perspicacity to blog again.

  7. The picture fits perfectly with the image you’ve conjured with this poem. Really wonderful! I think this is the first poem I’ve read of yours. Color me impressed.

    • I haven’t posted many poems, so there you go! And thanks. *grin*

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