The Road Home

Country Road
and turns
Route 1
Seaside South
City Middle
Country North
All familiar
as breathing
Every mile
a return

  1. …somebody needs a GPS.

    Only kidding! I love this, especially with the crisp fall photo. Perfect!

    • Heh heh… 😉

      I don’t think I could do GPS, actually! Having some virtual chick tell me how/where to drive would probably cause me to completely lose my mind.

  2. Nothing like being back on familiar roads after a long trip.
    Great poem, Brian!

  3. ryeder said:

    Can we ever return? Great poem and photo….

  4. Well done, Brian! I am so excited about this new facet of your writing. I really *do* think poetry is your native language.

      • If I hadn’t spotted it, trust me— this moment would have come up anyway. Bright shiny things really stand out, Brian!

      • Shiny Happy Comments on my waaaallllllll…..

      • You can call me “Buxby Bisley.” (Still need more sleep!)

      • Would that be like the Hulk in a full-on choreographed pool scene?

      • YES. In a daisy-covered swimming cap. There’s singing, too.

  5. free penny press said:

    Well look what we have here.. Po everybody.. good Po too!!
    Loving your poetry Brian (actually all of your writes)..

  6. This reminds me of the feeling I get when I drive down to California to see my family 🙂

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