Hidden Treasure

Image Source: flicker flu

She sways in tempo on the train, subconsciously, unaware of the public display of her private overture. A slight glide to the left as she stands holding a pole, head down, lost in thought. Her head rises, eyes closed, exalting in the crescendo she alone hears. A faint staccato tap against her purse. A pause between movements. A subtle jerk of her elbow, like a violinist, as her inner sonata builds. Her head rolls, her lips faintly counting time, as the music in her mind comes to a grand finale.

She is energized and replenished as crisp peals of applause greet the orchestra in her head. She has given herself the gift of her music, and her commute and her day job and the minutia of life float away. Just for a few moments…just long enough for her to get from home to destination. And then she’s gone and her day continues and she takes the music elsewhere…



  1. At least we didn’t all have to hear the tinny bass line from her headphones!
    Great tale, I see this every day.

    • No phones for this gal! Thus making her the perfect commuter.

  2. Sarah said:

    OMG, I love this..again 🙂 You’re gooooooooood

  3. “A subtle jerk of her elbow, like a violinist,” – you really show, not tell, the story. Amazing! Tweeted =)

  4. When you love music that much, time stands still or nothing else exists in your mind except the music! I can totally relate!

  5. When seeing people completely caught up in their music during my commute I’m sometimes tempted to ask if we could exchange earphones if only for a few moments. I want to hear what is so moving to them. Of course I don’t do this…a friend of mine jokingly reminded me that it might lead to ‘hearing AIDS’.

    Another great piece, Brian!

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