Intersection: Second Movement

3rd Ave. EL
Image Source: Olde New York

It’s funny how two lives can intersect.

I met Diana online. I had sold a short story about the old automats in New York, and she read it and commented. Something about her words made me contact her, and we started talking.

As it turns out, she was in the Pacific Northwest and I’m in the Southwest. We e-mailed more and more after that first time, each time better and more awesome. We had so much in common! We’re both obsessed with the same ‘80s and ‘90s underground bands, ‘40s crooners, same films and TV shows…everything. It’s like our DNA split!

I think about how cool it is to so randomly meet such an awesome friend, and I wish we could get together and hang. I’m sure it will happen someday, and I can’t wait.

In the meantime we’re back-and-forth online almost daily, swapping stories and bands, book and film recommendations and advice and encouragement. We’ve become distant doppelgangers, attached at the cyber hip, always there with a shoulder or just a grin. What an amazing age we live in! Two people thousands of miles away can meet and connect in an instant, and it’s like we’ve gone through all of grade school and high school together. Just awesome.

Two people come together, and it’s like two rivers flowing south and coming together. Sometimes they cross and keep going together, and all you can do is wonder how you made it without such an amazing life-force at your side before.

  1. With the reference of first movement, this story (great on it’s own) comes even more alive for me!
    Is this the same narrator?

    • Thanks, Guap! I think it’s (in)directly the same narrator. 😉

      • I gotta tell you – I like even more that you don;t know for sure!
        I always get a kick out of writing something where I’m not thinking about it, it’s just writing itself and I’m just the conduit.

  2. Oh yeah, I never know what’s going to happen to whom. Awesome!

  3. Nice, and I can identify with this character as well. I love the internet. 🙂

    • Same story, slightly more uplifting results.

  4. I like this quite a bit. Two people connecting with something real and meaningful between them — feels nourishing. Nice job.

    • That’s the good stuff. 😉

  5. Second Movement: refined, concise and…even after all that…well said!

    Don’t you “….just love it when a plan comes together.”?????????? (Hannibal)

    • I love a gal that can go all A*Team on me…

      • G.I.Joe work, too?

  6. Jots, we’re gonna get on juuuuust fine.

  7. I like Diana far more than I did Dolores (who I thought to be more than a little emotionally unhealthy).

    I’m enjoying this series….the intersection of lives. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? And how it comes about is completely irrelevant.

    • Yeah, I feel so fortunate for all the connections I’ve made here. All of y’all. Great to have this little community here.

  8. Also! Please do give a like ( and a follow (@BrianWestbye) and tell everyone you’ve ever known, thanksalot!

  9. Inga said:

    Love these intersection stories. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Great to have you here, Inga! Thanks.

  10. free penny press said:

    New to your part of town, but I can tell I’m going to like what I read…

    • I can say the same about your page, Lynne. *grin*

      Great to have you here. Pull up a chair.

      • free penny press said:

        Lawn chair is in place 🙂

      • Awesome. I’ve found a great little community around my page. Always room for more.

  11. Yes!

    Brian, you are really at the wheel when you take a personal moment, and push out into the broad, big space where the big themes happen.

    Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff!

    • Just wait until tomorrow!

      • Man, I am excited! YAY!

    • Thanks again. So much.

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