The First Sunday

Image Source: The Name Inspector

“Damn! What am I going to do with myself on Sunday?” It was the Friday after the Super Bowl and Mick and Hannah were escaping their apartment office for an espresso at the Victrola on 15th.

“I think you’ll be okay, Tiger,” Hannah said.

“I know I’ll be okay,” Mick said. “But…but…’s no more football! No more ritual! No more reading the Times sports section first! No more Mike Tanier and his hilarious game day analysis! No more appropriately selected rounds of snacks! No more lounging wear with rotating home and road jersey! No more!”

“Yeah, there’s Zoloft for that,” Hannah said.

“Hey! You know my OCD!” Mick said.

“You down with OCD?!?” Hannah sang, while raising the roof.

Mick rolled his eyes and gave her a swat with a rolled up copy of The Stranger. “That will be fine,” he said. “Jeeesus, I can’t take you anywhere.”

“Rituals are made for adjustment,” Hannah said. “You adjusted from a 1:00 PM east coast kickoff to a 10:00 AM west coast kickoff, right? And 60 Minutes seen at its regularly scheduled time, rather than being delayed by overtime. And so you shall again.”

“And I also adjusted from my game-day ritual of drinking insane quantities of American macro-swill!” Mick said.

“See?!?” Hannah said. “There you go. So what do you want to do on this, the first Sunday without football until September?”

Mick thought about it for a few seconds.

“Hmm…you know what we haven’t done in a while? We haven’t walked Green Lake. Good exercise and a good time killer. Whatcha think?”

“Sounds like a plan, Stanley!” Hannah said. “Maybe after I’ll jump your bones and buy you an ice cream cone!”

“Hah!” Mick said. “Maybe I’ll let you! Unless my OCD kicks in and I start counting my steps around the lake.”

“You down with OCD?!?” Hannah sang again.

“Shiiiit,” Mick said. “One of these days I’m going to trade you in for two twenties! Come on…”

They got up, bussed their mugs and headed back out into the Seattle afternoon. On the way back to their apartment office they took a walk around Capitol Hill, picked up a few groceries at QFC and made a stop at the bedroom. Then they knocked off work early for the weekend.


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  1. morezennow said:

    I see a sitcom in your future: The Fairly Odd Couple. I hope he didn’t keep checking the condom…I wouldn’t be down with that.
    Love this muchly!

    • (cue up audience inhaling laugh track)

  2. You’re very prolific this week.
    Great slice of life. That conversation has probably played out a thousand times this week…

    • Yep: gonna be a strange weekend. But the first weekend without football has always been kind of a milestone for me. First weekend of almost spring.

  3. nigelld said:

    Nice one Brian, I see life comes to an end in the US after Superbowl nothing to do other than do the normal things in life lol 😉

    • Hurry up and wait, right?

  4. metan said:

    In Australia our footy is just getting started and finishes in September, perhaps you should convert for the off-season!

    • I’m down with Aussie Rules, Metan! Game on.

      • metan said:

        We get a choice of two types of footy, AFL or NRL. The kids and I love NRL, the man of the house just wants us to stop screaming at the telly….. Bring on round 1!

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