Take To The Sky

Originally Published July 20, 2011, 9:01 AM

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It is a tenuous bond between the heavens and the great flying machine, but the dirigible shall transport us in safety. The airship is the future of travel. Only two and one half days from Hamburg to New York! We are toward the end of the first day, having dined on the finest Roast Fillet of Beef with Mixed Salad and danced in the lounge, and are now in our sleeping birth, enjoying the pleasant views of the mighty, infinite Atlantic.Imagine such a thrill as sleeping while floating thousands of feet above the earth! The Graf offers the finest in amenities and luxury appointments. The structure is sheltered, and there is no noise, dirt, smoke or vibration. It is like floating on a cloud. A safe, secure cloud of hydrogen and invention: the dirigible is lighter than air and stronger than the dreams of man. We are most comfortable and content on this cross-oceanic voyage, and hope you shall someday know the same pleasure. We will be in your company presently. With love and anticipation: Heinrich and Greta.


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