Santa Barbara

Originally Published 09/29/2011

Photo Source: Form Follows Function

The days went on and on…the never ended. Up for a quick bowl of Froot Loops, then off to “school”. Yeah, right. If the waves were there it was off to El Capitan with our hollows or Rincon for longboarding. Rincon was just mint. Greatest barrels ever. We could shred clean lines all morning, then back to carve the afternoon away in the empty pool at Chip’s house. Throw some records on the hi-fi, smoke a little grass, skate until we had to go home for dinner, then hoops or a movie after…man, just dynamite.

I love it here now, and wouldn’t trade my family or house or life for anything. Still, a day like today, staring out at two feet of Vermont snow and counting, I can’t help but dream…and miss being a kid in Santa Barbara in the ’70s…


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