Pacific Theater

Originally Published 06/27/2011 01:31:58 PM


Photo Source: Jessica Beebe

August, 10, 1942

Catching up after a long absence. We are training for this war business. Don't know how I feel about it, especially since I know so little. Went into town today to the picture show and tried to relax, but hard to do.

Writing letters home all day. Am missing the farm and awful lonesome. Hoping it's all over soon so I can go back to the work on the home front. Hoping for a furlough soon.

That's it for now…

August 21, 1942

A few quick thoughts. We're packed and ready to leave any minute now. Don't know where or for how long. Will tell the folks what I can. Frightened, but ready.

August 28, 1942

A new camp in the west. Looks like we're getting closer to a trip to the south seas. Six days on a train to get here. Tiring and lousy eats the whole way. Probably won't be here long. I think we'll be moving out soon.

"South Sea Vacation" December 1943

We are here in the South Pacific, waiting. Sopping wet with heat. Food doesn't keep here, and I feel half crazy most every day. Waiting… I stay in shape jogging the deck, and there is much card playing and not much else. Am awful homesick. Heard the swell Bing Crosby song White Christmas on radio again today and made me half sick missing the farm. Can't wait to be there again.

South Seas, May 1944

The war is over for me. I am going home.


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