Originally Published 04/25/2011 05:48:57 AM
Photo Source: Jessica Beebe


“Damn. God DAMN, there’s nothing left.”

Katherine Carlton had heard that the Victory Coffee Shop was sold and had moved, and the old building was abandoned, but she wasn’t prepared for the site that greeted her first return in almost a decade. She choked back tears and stood at the old entrance contemplating.

Nothing left. NOTHING LEFT. She couldn’t believe it. Katherine was tough. Her friends called her Kit. Kit Carlton. And she had more than a bit of the outlaw in her, but she wasn’t tough enough for this.

Sure, it was just a building, and nothing could ever change what she had experienced there, working and meeting Colleen and being a twenty-something college kid and dreaming. But did anybody know? Did anyone who moved the espresso machines know how she came of age here? Did the guy that unhooked the utilities see Kit glancing at Colleen from behind the counter?  Did the crew that boarded up the doors know they had their engagement ceremony there? Did anybody get it?

Yes, it was just a building. Just framing and drywall and wiring. And life is change and you adapt and move on and take the important things with you. Kit had everything she needed and wanted, and the Victory was just a building. Just a block along her path.

But she fucking LIVED here.

“What would happen?” Kit whispered. Would some developer who gave two shits come along and turn it into a yuppie bar? Or knock it down and build a luxury hotel?

How do you get over that? How do you just move on to a new building when you can’t move past the old building?


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