Photo Source: Jessica Beebe

I’m so close to you. Just below the surface. Do you feel me? Am I in your head? Will you notice me today? It’s all I want. You. You and your glamour. You and your perfect mermaid body and Amazon redhead curls. Swimming in your ocean, feeling you, filling you…you, underwater goddess.




You would never notice me, of course, star of the show, queen of the deep, you’d never notice me, maintenance man. I’m nothing. I am nothing, you are everything. But you’ll FEEL me, and maybe…you probably think I’m a creep anyway, just a weird nothing loner pissant. But if you FEEL me…just below, just under your surface……maybe…..

you’ll notice.

and look down at me and I’ll be there, ready for you…pearl of the deep…

I’ll be there,

ready and waiting…


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