Final Resting Place

Originally Published 04/07/2011 08:10:24 AM

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Photo Source: Jessica Beebe

I never really believed in angels and afterlife and all that metaphysical crap. Never counted on the cross or put much stock in anything but the belief that you're just dead; just a bunch of rot six feet below the feet that tread above. But I do feel something here.

It's peaceful, not scary at all in spite of the gnarled uneven landscape. Walking the paths around the headstones brings some kind of connection to…something or other. A sense of peace, a sense of tranquility and connection and context.

And snapshots come back fully developed: your arms copper from a lifetime of working in the sun, your polyester shirts, the sound of the heater in the old house kicking in, the jug of kerosene next to the woodbox and the quick whiff of kitchen match on newspaper in the winter dawn…

I'm pretty sure that death just means death. But I feel you here, coursing through the grounds and my soul. And there is peace in the connection…


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